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if you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new ways to unwind.

for me, sometimes i’d curl up under a comfy blanket with a glass of wine and a binge-worthy show. other times i’d focus on a new creative project. 

but the one common thing throughout all of them was that there was always a candle burning on a table somewhere nearby.

hi. my name is alexis, and I’m a candle addict.

growing up in south jersey, creating was always my passion. after high school, I decided to follow my heart, enrolling in a local college for graphic design. however, shortly after enrolling, i realized staring at a screen hours a day was not my cup of tea, and i needed an hands-on creative outlet again.

i decided to "take a semester off" and get as creative as my budget allowed. i made everything from macrame wall hangings, to hand lettered signs, to cement planters. my addiction to candles was real, and i thought making them would be a pretty simple task... why not add them to the list! (it turns out candles are a very, very challenging product to make, but i pushed though all the chemistry, percentages and variables. i'd say it was pretty worth it) 

i accumulated so many pieces that i decided to give it all a name, set up a booth at our farmers market and start recouping some of my money. welcome: gold + ivy.

by the end of that summer, i had realized if i really focused on one product, i could potentially make something of it. i loved being my own boss while having the creative hands-on outlet i needed, so i decided to give it a real go.

candles were the winner.

after tons of research, i learned that most candles are filled with toxic carcinogens such as paraffin, petroleum, phthalates, parabens, CA Prop. 65 materials, lead and zinc. i knew I couldn’t unwind thinking about burning that stuff around me, and i wouldn't expect you’d be able to, either.

that’s why all of our candles are carefully crafted using non-toxic ingredients such as 100% american-grown soy wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate free oils. every candle is made by hand in our nashville warehouse -- from blending fragrances, pouring the candles, designing the labels, to shipping out the finished product. 

lastly, while a clean-burning candle was at the top of my list... you have to remember i started school for graphic design. i knew i wanted to create a minimal piece that would seamlessly fit into your home. my deep love for slow, intentional moments mixed with design created the candles you see here today.

thank you for taking a moment to read how we got here + we hope you love g+i as much as i do.


xx, alexis