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Candle Care

Candle Care
Ok, so you got a brand new candle. You open the box, light it and walk away. Blow it out before you go to bed and then wake up the next day and do the same thing, right?
To properly burn and care for your candle it takes a little more effort. If you want to get the most out of your new candle there are a few good practices to follow. 

The First Burn

It's all about the first burn. Burning your candle correctly for the first time is crucial. Let the wax melt all the way to edges of the jar. This is extremely important! If your candle doesn't burn for long enough on its first time, it will begin to tunnel and leave unused and unmelted wax along the jar. This will eventually lead to your candle burning out too early, and wasting wax. 

The Wick

Trim the wick! If you fail to trim the wick to around 1/4 inch after each use, you're going to run a few risks as well. First, the wick will "mushroom" leaving behind excess soot & smoke. An untrimmed wick is also a fire hazard and can burn a high flame that can be dangerous. Wicks that are left too long can begin to shift causing the jar to crack as well.

Spotty Wax

Lastly, some candles may look a little "spotty" or "wet" when looking through the jars. This happens when the temperature fluctuates and causes the wax to expand and contract. This is totally normal and does not affect the burn of your candle.
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