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All Natural, Eco-Friendly, Cruelty Free, Soy Wax. Why?

All Natural, Eco-Friendly, Cruelty Free, Soy Wax. Why?
It's 2019 and in the past couple of years there has been a huge uprising in eco-friendly, all-natural cruelty-free products on the market. Consumers are slowly becoming more aware of their products, where they're manufactured and more importantly HOW they're manufactured. So much so that most products read like some crazy foreign menu item.
All natural, made in America, cruelty-free, vegan, soy-based, non-toxic...does it really matter?
There are so many new standards, terms and products being used that I think it is only appropriate we spend some time and demystify exactly why our candles are all natural, hand poured, cruelty-free, vegan soy wax candles.

Wax? How bad can it be?

For starters, it is important to know what the alternative to soy wax is, and there are a bunch. Beeswax and paraffin waxes are some of the main competitors you may have seen before. Let's start with the main one, paraffin wax.
Chances are if you've bought a candle before, it has been made of paraffin wax. The problem with paraffin wax is that it is a man-made substance and a by-product of tons of horrible chemicals including oil. All of those chemicals become airborne and inhaled when you burn candles made of paraffin. The same way a cigarette is bad for you, so is a paraffin wax candle.
Bee's wax and other natural waxes are a different story. These waxes are all great alternatives to the nasty substance paraffin is, but they each come with their own set of problems. The overall aroma and burning behaviors of other waxes such as bees wax is slightly different than what most standard candle users are use to which brings us back to our main topic...

All Natural Soy Wax

With all that said, Gold and Ivy candles are all made from all natural soy wax. Soy wax is an all natural by-product of soybeans. The majority of soybeans are grown and locally harvest in the United States and are a completely renewable resource that will continue to grow and be harvested. Soy wax is a dream to work with - it burns cleanly and at a lower temperature than other waxes, and does a wonderful job at filling your home with scent.

What about fancy colors?

The decision to keep the candles their natural color is intentional too. While adding dyes and coloring to the wax may look aesthetically pleasing, it is just another added chemical that is being released in your home. 

Everything else

Candles are obviously made from more than just wax and in order to call a product "all natural, vegan and cruelty-free", all of the ingredients inside are going to need to follow suit. With that said, Gold and Ivy candles are all made with cotton braided wicks and fragranced with phthalate-free, essential oil infused fragrance oils. So, no harmful chemicals, just an enjoyable and relaxing way to create some ambience in your home. 
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